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Forensic Investigation

Intrusive Testing, Defect Survey, Damage Survey, Visual and Tactile Survey

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Service Description

Using specialized diagnostic equipment, tools, and standardized test protocols established by leading Building Trade Organizations and specialty Third Party Standards organizations, we can perform an initial visual and tactile survey of existing conditions to record defects, deficiencies, and damage to an existing building or buildings currently under construction. Following visual and tactile surveys, a test protocol specific to observed damaged to a building can be prepared for review by all parties including Ownership and legal Counsel if required, prior to intrusive/invasive testing that is often necessary to identify conditions that are underlying the exterior weather facing surfaces, but are a necessary and integral part of a system performance. This includes underlying fastener securement, weather barriers, water resistive barriers, concealed flashings that are rigid (e.g. sheet metal or plastic) and flexible flashings (e.g. liquid applied membrane or self adhered pressure sensitive sheet membrane) and water or air seals that perform specific functions within the layers of a building enclosure system.

Contact Details

+1 505-450-7828

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