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Moisture Survey

Existing Data Center Facility - ASTM D7954 / D7954M - Standard Practice for Moisture Surveying of Roofing and Waterproofing Systems Using Non-Destructive Electrical Impedance Scanners.  

  • 10-year old Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) single ply roof system

  • Premature aging

  • Deficient installation details

  • History of reported moisture intrusion

Electric Field Membrane Integrity Test (EFMIT)

New Construction - ASTM D7877 - Low-voltage and High-voltage Electric Field (Spark) Integrity/Leak Detection of Non-conductive Membrane Systems (i.e., Electric Leak Detection) for Single Ply and Built-up Roof and Deck Systems.)  William Beaumont Army Medical Center will be comprised of :


  • 135 beds,

  • 10 operating rooms,

  • and will have 30 specialty clinics to include:

    • women's health services, behavioral health, physical and occupational therapy,  gastroenterology, oncology, hematology, general surgery, family medicine, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, and more. Project will also include a full array of imaging services, inpatient and outpatient pharmacy, laboratory, patient administration, logistics, dining facility, administration, and limited retail. Project additionally supports 15 Graduate Medical Education (GME), nursing and enlisted training programs.

  • NMRC is performing Electric Field Membrane Integrity Testing to new installed American Hydrotech rubberized asphalt protected membrane waterproofing.​


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Design Image.PNG
Design Services

Diagnostic analysis of previous roof failure and design scope of work for new roof system over facility whose occupants are not capable of self preservation :


  • $2,700,000.00 Roof replacement using Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) polymer modified asphalt 3-ply Built-up Roof (BUR) system with aluminum foil faced flashing

  • I-3 Institutional Facility under the 2015 NM Building Code and 2009 NM Energy Conservation Code

  • Full tear-off of existing EPDM single ply system over metal deck assembly

  • NMBEA provided analysis, design, bid RFP coordination for government agnecy, and construction administration services

  • Contract awarded to Nations Roof

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